Korres Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil Review

For years the thought of putting oil on my (already oily) skin has absolutely repulsed me. During that time there was even a short while where I didn’t even put on a moisturizer. I know, I know; that’s absolutely awful. (Disclaimer for those of us who don’t use moisturizer: Please just try one. You won’t regret it). I’ve learned my lesson with that, and embraced all things hydrating. I even found an oil that is now one of my ride-or-die products.

Drum roll please ….

Korres Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil.

This oil has been an absolute game-changer for me. Not only is this the first oil that I tried on my face, but it is also the one I have stayed consistent with. I don’t see me deviating from this product any time soon.

Inside the product are three key ingredients: wild rose petals, “Super C”, and Camapu. According to Korres the wild rose petals promote hydration, the Super C promotes Vitamin C absorption by 1000%, and Camapu is a natural anti-inflammatory. These things are all great, but what does this mean for you and your skin?

Rose Petals

Rose oil is know to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This means that rose oil helps your skin clean, clear, and calm.






Super C

Korres’s Super C Complex is fantastic. Vitamin C on its own helps to aid in collagen production and lightening pigmentation caused from sun damage. The Super C increases that power by 1000%. Literally, what more could you ask for?




Camapu is an ingredient that I had actually never heard of before looking more deeply into this product. After my research, I have now set out to find more products that include it. Camapu is a member of the gooseberry family, known for having anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties. This is perfect for irritated or dry skin. It’s even better for me because rosacea runs in my family. No more redness!



Overall, this oil has completely changed my skin. I’ve seen improvements in hydration (less flakiness), clarity (less breakouts), and calmness (less redness). This product is a must have for me.


What oils have you tried and loved? Write me what your favorite oil is down below!

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