Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm Review

As much as I love spa-inspired skincare, for some reason I had never really given Kate Somerville products a real shot. I avoided the brand because I was concerned about different ingredients that I’ve seen used in commercialized – or dermatologist grade – brands. That unfortunately, was to my own detriment. Her products are absolutely fantastic. They are incredibly effective, last a pretty long time, and are pretty reasonably priced for what you’re getting.


For this review I’ll be focusing on the Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm. This is, by far, my favorite eye product on the market right now. Before I get into all of the wonderful qualities of this product, I’ll get the one downside over with. The one thing that this product is lacking is an ingredient to treat and help brighten dark circles. Obvioulsy, there’s no miracle products on the market that I’ve seen that can stand the test of time, but this product comes pretty close.

When I first saw this product hit the shelves, I wasn’t really impressed or interested in it. It wasn’t until a customer of mine told me that she absolutely loved it that I even really gave it a chance.


Kate Somerville claimed that it would be de-puffing as well as anti-aging. This is not sold specifically for people who have dark circles as their main concern.

The product packaging is simple and chic, a representation of the brand of course. The lid is perfectly tight enough. It does help keep the product fresh, and I haven’t had any drying of my product since I first got it a few months ago.

The product truly glides right on. There is absolutely no tugging of the skin around my eyes whatsoever. If you do feel tugging, your product has probably dried out or you are pressing too hard on your skin. The cooling effect is felt immediately, and the de-puffing of the eye can be seen instantaneously. I’ve used this on clients before makeovers, and I’ve seen puffiness flatten in front of me. I’ve also used this product on myself as a part of my daily skincare routine. I have seasonal allergies, which come along with puffy eyes for me. I started using this in the fall, when my allergies are usually at their worst, and my under eye area stayed flat almost the entire season. The results that I’ve seen from this product are undeniable.


What is even better about the product is that before a makeup application this product smooths out fine lines on the eyelid and under eye area because of its anti-aging properties. In turn, this helps any products put on after this to go on even more smoothly. That concealer and eye shadow that go on next are going to go on the smoothest that you’ve ever seen.

I literally can’t say enough good things about this product. It is so simple, convenient to use, and it’s effective. The added bonus is that it’s only $38! It doesn’t get much better than this.



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