The Holiday Spirit

A few nights ago, after working a 15-hour day, I had a very thoughtful moment while driving in my car.


It started when I began to drive away from the parking lot. I saw something fluttering and hanging onto my windshield wiper blade. At the first stoplight that I caught I hopped out of my car and went to retrieve a small piece of paper. It was just ripped piece of envelope with one sentence written on it. I turned on my car light, and saw what was written on the paper:

Learn how to FUCKING park

At first, I was angry. First of all, I am not that bad of a driver/parker. Second, I was running so late for work, as usual, and flew into the spot as fast as I could. Third, how could somebody take precious time out of their busy holiday schedule to find a piece of paper in their car, rip it off, and write something nasty to leave on a stranger’s car?

Have people in this world really come to be this low and petty?


I’m a sensitive person, so naturally I thought about it a lot on my drive home. I kept thinking about it. All of the things that I had learned over my lifetime like:

Always be kind to others. You never know what type of struggle they’re going through.

You never know what type of day someone else is having. Have patience.


I wanted to use this as a platform for two things. First, I wanted to just vent and tell this story. Second, I wanted this to serve as a reminder to everybody who reads this that you can choose what kind of energy you spread.

You can choose to spread negativity, and in turn you will be surrounded by it. Alternatively, you can choose to spread positivity, and you will be able to find positivity and abundance in everything.


Happy Holidays to everybody, and Happy New Year.

Go spread some happiness.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    So true Liz! One must always try to maintain a positive outlook on life.


    1. Thanks for reading Kelly! 🙂


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