Underdog Spotlight Series: KORRES

Everybody loves an underdog; we know this. The problem is that sometimes people don’t know the underdog exists.That’s why I am starting a series for this blog that will attempt to highlight and bring more attention to brands that are underrated. The series is appropriately dubbed: Underdog Spotlight. Each month will feature a different brand.

These brands can be skincare, makeup, lifestyle, or any brand that needs a little love. For this first Underrated Brand, we’ll be looking at KORRES.


KORRES is a natural skincare brand, founded in 1996 in Greece. There are so many notable facts about KORRES, but there are a few that took me by surprise. KORRES successfully uses the best natural ingredients that are the most effective and beneficial for the skin. They are the first brand to be able to successfully use an edible yogurt in a skincare product. Most, if not all, of the main ingredients for this brand come from Greece, or local farms that they have worked with for years.

I never thought that I would enjoy putting yogurt on my face, but somehow KORRES has made me feel completely okay about it. The thought of putting potentially spoiled foods on my skin made me shiver. According to them at least, KORRES is the first brand that has been able to successfuly use an edible yogurt in a skincare product. This in and of itself is miraculous. Yogurt spoils so quickly! To be able to keep a live yogurt culture stable for months and months inside of a jar, especially without the use of parabens, is incredible.


The fact that KORRES has a true heart, shown through the support of Greece’s local farms, is the most major selling point for me. When a brand shows that they care about more than just the money, it makes a brand stand out from so many others. For the holidays, on their website and at SEPHORA, they are featuring the Golden Krocus Elixir in a special holiday packaging. This packaging mentioned that a part of the proceeds would be donated to the local farms in Greece where the Krocus flowers were sourced from. I was completely blown away. To give back to the farmers who had already received their payment, especially during the holidays, is a wonderful thing. I decided to do some more digging.


After speaking with the brand representative for KORRES, she let me know, it was not widely known, that KORRES constantly gives back portions of the proceeds for every product that they produce and sell. So not only is KORRES supporting micro-farmers (a.k.a. small-scale farmers), but they are also giving back even more.

Overall, I love almost every single product from this brand. Everything feels so beautiful on the skin, and the profucts are perfect for sensitive skin. The fact that they give back to the small-scale farmers makes me even happier. If you haven’t yet tried KORRES, find something to try now.

The Brass Tacks:

  • No mineral oils, silicones, parabens and propylene glycol, etc.
  • Based on Greek homeopathic remedies
  • Manages a NO WASTE production operation
  • Focuses on the efficacy of natural ingredients
  • Support local farmers and microfarming operations
  • Uses 5X more pure water than EU requirements for medicinal use

To be fair, KORRES isn’t a complete underdog. Their brand is sold in most Sephoras in the U.S., and they have been featured in Allure magazine a few times.  Even though they’re not a brand that people are breaking down the doors for they still have that really wonderful exposure.

My all-time favorite KORRES products are down below. If anybody wants a specific review of a particular product, just let me know!


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