5 Tips for Staying on Plan This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. You get to spend time with family, you get to eat delicious food, and you get to shop your heart out at 6 A.M. the next morning (if you feel the urge). The one major downside is that it is so easy to go off of a meal plan during the holiday. Below are 5 easy tips to staying on plan this Thanksgiving.

1. Don’t eat too much in one sitting.

It’s okay to try a little bit of everything. What isn’t okay is eating full plates of everything. Eating too much in one sitting will cause your stomach to expand, making more room to put food there in the future. When your stomach gets bigger, you need more food to fill it causing you to feel more hungry more often. This can also stall your metabolism and cause your body to stop burning fat. Just keep an eye on how much of each food you put on your plate.

2. Make a healthy side dish as your go-to.

Websites like Reader’s Digest put out a list of healthy recipes every year that can maximize your protein and veggie intake while minimizing your fat and carbohydrate intake. Making recipes like the ones shown in this article are perfect ways to provide an extra side dish for the host, eat healthy, and encourage your family and friends to join you. Support always helps!

3. Snack throughout the day. 

Snacking throughout the day can really be a great asset to fat loss. Having snacks help you to eat less during meals, make healthier choices throughout the day, and so much more. If you snack before and after your Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be much less likely to overeat or make bad food choices. Even the Mayo Clinic thinks snacking is good for you.

4. Eat slowly. 

Please, chew your food. A lot. Chewing your food does burn calories (even if it’s a very small amount), and chewing your food thoroughly helps to aid in digestion. With the added aid in digestion, food won’t sit in your stomach as long, which helps keep your metabolism moving. The bottom line is: Just. Eat. Slowly.

5. Plan for a cheat. 

Try not to cheat that bad. But just remember that it’s okay to have a cheat day here and there. You can even just have an extra serving of dessert. Try to remember that just because you have a cheat one day it doesn’t mean that you should completely stop your healthy eating. Get right back on the healthy eating train tomorrow!


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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