Nine November Skincare Favorites

Although I am infatuated with all things beauty, skincare is the place where I can tend to go a little overboard. I absoltely love to try new skincare products, and I am constantly trying to find the perfect skincare routine – even if that means tweaking it every few months.

These products are a mixture of some staples that I keep in my routine and some new obsessions. I may be doing more extensive reviews of some of the newer products. If you’re interested, let me know!

 Murad AHA/BHA Exfloiating Cleanser

This cleanser is just a really nice, basic cleanser to use with a cleansing tool. It is anti-aging, which is perfect, and it exfoliates using three acids along with jojoba beads.

I use this cleanser every day to keep my exfoliation constant because I love exfoliation. Plus, Murad is great for sensitive skin. I can’t get enough of this cleanser!

 Foreo LUNA mini 2

This tool is my absolute Holy Grail product for my skin. I can not rave enough about cleansing brushes, and the Foreo is my absolute favorite cleansing brush. That makes this double trouble.

Exfoliating is so beneficial for your skin, and this cleansing brush does it in the most perfect way. It’s slightly more expensive to start off with, but in the long run it is so much cheaper. You never have to replace the brush head, and the battery lasts for such a long time. This brush will never leave my skincare routine.

 Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

If you like to feel the burn, this mask is it. The resurfacing mask is perfect for the fall. Not only does it smell like pumpkin, but it also helps to give that healthy holiday glow.

Whenever I feel like my skin needs a refresher, or a pick-me-up, this is my go-to mask. The pumpkin enzyne, AHA, and aluminum oxide work together to leave my skin feeling like new. Just as a warning, be careful not to over exfoliate before using this mask. If you do, your skin may feel a bit raw.

 May Coop Raw Sauce

Usually, I tend to stay away from anything that is inherently hdrating because my skin is so oily, but I absolutely had to try this product. The package is so organic and beautiful, and the product itself feels just as good as it looks.

This product is an essence, so it softens and hydrates the skin, while prepping for the serum. Because I have such sensitive skin, this product helps to soothe and build a protective barrier over the skin. I absolutley adore the way this makes my skin feel.

 Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

This is a product that I was really not expecting to like. The packaging is so clean, and the color of the product is very unique; it’s periwinkle. I thought the smell was so odd, (something along the lines of a pony farm), but I decided to try it on my skin anyway. I am so glad that I did.

This product is another resurfacing treatment, but it is something that can be used overnight. It is so gentle and soothing, I really didn’t feel any stinging or discomfort at all. The product soaked so nicely into my skin, and I woke up with glowy, refreshed, supple skin.

 Sunday Riley Tidal

Tidal has definitely become my all-time favorite moisturizer. Sunday Riley rarely – if ever – makes a product that is subpar. I typically love everything that they make, and Tidal is no exception.

This moisturizer has hyaluronic acid and something called alpha-arbutin. These two ingredients help to improve skin hydration levels and reduce hyperpigmentation (dark spots). I have had a patch on the bridge of my nose that has been starting to darken. After using this for a month, I have seen such a dramatic decrease in the darkness of this spot. Plus, this moisturizer smells amazing!

Check out my full review here!

 Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate

Eye creams are products that I generally have trouble with. Something that I absolutely need is to lighten the darkness under my eyes. That is my number one concern. This is the only product, so far, that has ever actually lightened the darkness underneath my eyes.

This product smells amazing, is great for sensitive skin, and even helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The price point is a little high for an eye cream, but it is well worth the price if darkness is a major concern of yours.

 Kate Somerville Eradikate

Kate Somerville has been around for a while, and has always had great reviews. How could custom spa treatments sold to the public be anything but wonderful? I have had serious problems with blemishes for more than half of the time that she has been making products. I can not believe it took me this long to really try Eradikate. It has beyond stellar reviews, and is always a top seller.

The other night I had 3-4 blemishes, most of which were on the cystic side, and I decided to give Eradikate a try. I put it on those blemishes, and when I woke up in the morning they were gone. I was blown away. Apparently the sulfur in Eradikate is more powerful than I thought.

 J. One Jelly Pack

This is probably my newest favorite product, and I definitely didn’t even expect to like it. It’s called a “morning mask” or a “makeup gripper.” I really don’t even know what to call it definitively, but I do know that this product makes my makeup stay like no other product before.

The Jelly Pack comes out in a honey-like consistency and, to be honest, I was extremely wary of putting this directly onto my face. I have excessively oily skin, and by the end of the day my makeup never budges – even when I wear a full face.

This is my newest Holy Grail product. Check out the full review here.


Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think about them!

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